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Prof Geoff Parker – CEO

Geoff Parker founded Bioxydyn in 2009. In addition to being our CEO, Geoff is also Professor of Healthcare Engineering, Imaging and Enterprise at University College London. He has over 20 years MR imaging experience and has published over 200 peer-reviewed journal papers. He is an acknowledged key opinion leader in the use of quantitative MRI in research and clinical trials. Geoff has helped define many of the quantitative MRI methods used in clinical trials today.

Prof John Waterton - Scientific Director

John Waterton is Professor of Translational Imaging at the University of Manchester. Formerly (until 2014) with AstraZeneca, he was Chief Scientist in Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers, heading AZ's Translational Imaging organisation. Having co-authored of over 200 peer-reviewed publications using imaging biomarkers to support drug discovery and clinical development in a wide range of therapy areas including oncology, musculoskeletal, hepatology and respiratory, he is a world renowned expert in the field of imaging biomarkers.

Prof Xavier Golay - Director of Quantitative Imaging

Prof Golay has an extensive background in quantitative MRI methods, with a particularly strong reputation in arterial spin labelling (ASL), chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST), and relaxometry. He is CEO of Gold Standard Phantoms and Honorary Professor at University College London. His track record includes extensive application of MRI methods in neurological conditions, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, and dementia, as well as oncology.

Dr Jo Naish – Head of Physics

Jo Naish is a physicist with academic and industrial experience in medical imaging research. In addition to her role at Bioxydyn, she is currently Lecturer in Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the University of Manchester where she conducts research into the development and clinical translation of quantitative MR imaging biomarkers in various clinical settings including cardiology, nephrology, respiratory medicine, oncology and obstetrics.

Richard Smith – Finance Director

Richard (ACA) has held finance director positions in both large multinationals and SMEs, including Advanced Medical Solutions and AstraZeneca. Richard’s expertise covers the full spectrum of services as a CFO.


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We offer rewarding careers in areas including MR imaging physics, software development, data analysis and project management. If you are interested in joining our dynamic and growing team then please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

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